Thoughts on #RichCC

A couple weekends ago, I attended Richmond Code Camp and had a great time. This was different than the last code camp I went to, in the fact that I spent most of the day presenting, not watching others. I have coded in front of co-workers before. I have given presentations to strangers before. But I had never coded in front of strangers before. There were a lot of things I learned. »

Speaking at Richmond Code Camp on NHibernate

On October 3rd, I encourage anyone who wants to learn about NHibernate to come to Richmond Code Camp. I will be giving a 100 level talk describing how to get started using it, and what it really is. My initial idea is to create a fairly simple ASP.NET MVC application without persistence (use in memory Lists). And, in an hour, make it 100% persisted with transactions, lazy loading, etc. I am a little concerned it will be hard to teach NHibernate and get it done in an hour, but I am going to go for it. »