Re: Microsoft got something right, the Arc Mouse

Three weeks since I purchased it, and a broken scroll wheel. My Amazon review has changed from 5 stars to 2 stars. I would not recommend this mouse to a friend. Back to Logitech mice for me. And I was so happy when I got this mouse… I guess aesthetics only go so far when a device’s functionality is what really matters. »

Amazon Unbox + XBox = Joy; Goodbye Ubuntu

Yesterday I found this gem of an article on Amazon’s website. I wish I had known about it sooner. I got home, and immediately tried it out. After about 1 minute, I was watching an on-demand video on my TV, through my XBox. Before, I thought I had to go through a VGA cable directly from my laptop, which is a pain. This is much better. The quality isn’t HD; it looks to be about DVD quality. »

Microsoft got something right, the Arc Mouse

Update: Scroll wheel broken in 3 weeks time. Today, on an impulse, I bought the Arc mouse. I needed a cordless mouse for my notebook, since unwinding my current mouse cord was losing nerd points for me. After walking through Best Buy, I saw the Arc. A beautiful, simplistic mouse that was the size of a regular mouse, yet small enough to be a notebook mouse at the same time. It doesn’t have bells and whistles, but it works. »


Inspired by Hanslemann’s tool list, and realizing that if my hard drive fails I want to have links to all the tools I need, I have started my own tool list. Check it out.. »

KDiff, try it

I had the need to compare two different directories on a Windows box and I came across KDiff. It integrates with Explorer and does exactly what I need. Try it. »