Review: Grid-It's Cocoon

Gadgets are awesome. But if you are like me and have too many, you quickly run into gadget hell. My backpack is filled with tangled wires, dongles, ear pieces, and chargers. Finding the exact device I need can be challenging. Then a few weeks ago I saw Grid-It’s Cocoon on Lifehacker and quickly purchased one. I just finished filling it out and really like i so far. It is a quick and easy way to organize all your gadgets and cables. »

Can you beat my remote work setup?

I travel every now and again with work. When I do, I tend to take a fairly large bookbag with way too much electronic equipment. Check out my setup last time I was in the Jungle Disk Atlanta office. »

Review: Harmony One Remote

The Harmony One is easily the best buy of the past 6 months for me (even though someone bought it for me). For anyone with more than 1 home theater device, get this remote. Since I bought this remote, I have lost all my other remotes, and it is a good thing. It is a universal remote that focuses more on user actions that devices and inputs. For example, you can create a Watch TV action that turns on the TV, Receiver, and cable box together, and sets everything to the right input. »

Review: Quickcam Pro for Notebooks

My dad was early adopter of webcams. I was not. Looking back on it, he understood their power to bring people together that aren’t geographically close at all. During that time, he experienced the pain of bad internet connections, terrible drivers, and installation hell. I waited until all that disappeared. I bought the Quickcam Pro for Notebooks because I have an increasingly growing number of people I want to talk to that aren’t anywhere close to me. »

Re: Microsoft got something right, the Arc Mouse

Three weeks since I purchased it, and a broken scroll wheel. My Amazon review has changed from 5 stars to 2 stars. I would not recommend this mouse to a friend. Back to Logitech mice for me. And I was so happy when I got this mouse… I guess aesthetics only go so far when a device’s functionality is what really matters. »

Microsoft got something right, the Arc Mouse

Update: Scroll wheel broken in 3 weeks time. Today, on an impulse, I bought the Arc mouse. I needed a cordless mouse for my notebook, since unwinding my current mouse cord was losing nerd points for me. After walking through Best Buy, I saw the Arc. A beautiful, simplistic mouse that was the size of a regular mouse, yet small enough to be a notebook mouse at the same time. It doesn’t have bells and whistles, but it works. »

Review: Blackberry 8830

For the past couple years, my Motorola E815 served me well. But after some unfortunate events, I was left with a phone with no screen that only worked on speakerphone. I decided it was time to upgrade, especially since I work for an email hosting company. I decided that I wanted to try out a Blackberry. The reason I chose Blackberry is still somewhat a mystery, but it probably has something to do with my dislike of Windows Mobile and touch screens. »

Testing a 24-pin ATX power supply

Disclaimer: Doing this can destroy your power supply. A month or so ago, my desktop computer died. It wouldn’t turn on, after no symptoms of problems. My first guess was the power supply. So, I replaced it. Nothing. Next guess was the motherboard, so, I replaced it. Nothing. At this point, I didn’t want to spend anymore money if I didn’t know for sure what was wrong. So, I decided to test the power supply. »