The Mailtrust Office

Cameron let me add another post to the Mailtrust blog. Check it out. For the longest time, my parents were concerned about the validity of Mailtrust on the sole purpose the majority of its employees worked on folding tables. I actually kind of miss them… »

What are your developers talking about?

I found myself in the middle of an argument over the differences between static and global variables today. I started to give my input, and stopped dead in my tracks. I don’t care what the answer is. I love the fact that my developers enjoy programming enough to argue about the semantics of it. I love that they take software development so seriously. I love that they want to know the answer. »


Continuing on my recent theme of not having any code in my posts, here is an awesome video a Mickey getting a sing-o-gram last week. Enjoy, and yes, that is the new and improved Mailtrust office. Valentine’s Day Surprise at Mailtrust from Cameron Nouri on Vimeo. I promise to have at least one post with code in it this week. »

iPhone what!

While I am giving mad props to Mailtrust, big high-five to the Sync team for launching iPhone Sync for Noteworthy. Sync for BlackBerry owns me. If only I could switch to an iPhone now. »

Discussion on Open Source Software

Mailtrust just held a discussion on Open Source Software in Business after hours tonight. It was open to the public, and we had a fairly good turnout, ~25 people. Here are my takeaways. A lot of people view closed source software vs. OSS as Microsoft vs. Linux. There are tons myths about open source and closed source, which can be very misleading to non-technical people. Since OSS is usually driven by developers fulfilling their own needs, the end product can sometimes be lacking important functionality. »

Adapting and Changing

I wrote another post on the Mailtrust blog. Check it out. For anyone developing a web or desktop app, there are a lot of challenges in UI design. This post tried to show how the Control Panel team dealt with some of those challenges and are constantly evolving into a better application. »

My Favorite Noteworthy Webmail Feature

I use Noteworthy Webmail all day, every day. Yes I work for Mailtrust. Yes I coded on the Webmail team for a while. But that doesn’t change the fact I love the webmail interface. Yesterday, I got back to my desk after a meeting and started attacking the 30 emails that had accumulated during that time. After reading through them, the next step was deleting because I use my Inbox like a task list. »

Mailtrust Developer Conference

Today Mailtrust held its first all-day development conference. In my opinion, it was awesome. Not because it was great, but because it wasn’t bad. Like any first-time, there are a ton of things we can do better for future conferences, but the goal of spreading knowledge throughout the development environment was met. When I first started coding in VB6 on’s corporate website, I never imagined the day I would help organize a conference for all their developers (PS - That is the corporate website when I started found via »