My Favorite Noteworthy Webmail Feature

I use Noteworthy Webmail all day, every day. Yes I work for Mailtrust. Yes I coded on the Webmail team for a while. But that doesn’t change the fact I love the webmail interface.

Yesterday, I got back to my desk after a meeting and started attacking the 30 emails that had accumulated during that time. After reading through them, the next step was deleting because I use my Inbox like a task list. While doing this, something dawned on me. My favorite webmail feature is the one I don’t think about. It is the one I use every day. Check-Drag.

Check-Drag is the ability to click on a checkbox, hold the mouse button down, and select other checkboxes by dragging the mouse over them. Hopefully the video below illustrates how this works. Using it has become second nature, so the only time I notice it is when I am using a different application that doesn’t support it.

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Webmail still supports shift-click and ctrl-click, but check-drag is just easier to use in my opinion.

As a side note, this is my first screencast Feel free to mock and heckle me. Also, tell me if you think it is stupid, or good. If it could be better, tell me how. I hate watching it because I hate the sound of my voice. At this point in my life, I believe I am ready to take the criticism that my peers might have :)