Amazon Unbox

I downloaded Amazon’s Unbox this weekend to watch some BSG (yes I am a nerd). Unbox is Amazon’s video download service. I say service because it is much more than just another download. Amazon allows me to re-download videos or transfer them to multiple machines. Obviously, the Unbox player doesn’t allow burning to DVD, but I am over my purist-open-world days. As with any service, there is room for vast improvements. »

The Death of MythTV

A few months ago, it occurred to me that I am no longer a college student, I am an adult. That being said, I realized I should start acting like one. While transforming into an adult, I began to understand there is really only one major change, high-definition TVs. I researched TVs for weeks, until I finally chose a Samsung 1080p 40” LCD which I will blog about in the coming weeks. »

Brian Hartsock on #MythTV,

MythTV crash

Well, I tried to upgrade some packages on Myth, and the machine crashed. Not too bad, just wireless and X. Guess I will spend this beautiful Friday evening installing Fiesty. I have decided to create a MythTV page on my site, not only to help everyone out there with their own setups, but to help me remember when everything crashes. »

Brian Hartsock on #MythTV,

MythTV 0.20 and Ubuntu Edgy Eft

Since MythTV is one of my favorite hobby projects, I figured I should start blogging about it. I started building my Myth box over the summer of 2006 with MythTV 0.19 and Ubuntu Dapper Drake. Since Dapper had no built in package support for MythTV, everything had to be compiled, including MythTV, IVTV, and LIRC. Edgy Eft has a MythTV package and it makes installing a lot easier. The newest release of MythTV, 0.20, has many new features over 0.19, but only one stands out to me. »