How to create the perfect home office - Part 3 - The wires and wires and wires

Wires are quite possibly the most annoying and unattractive part of any home office. Picking the right hardware and software will help, but at the end of the day you are going to have some wires that need a home. In this post I will go over a few of the ways I have hid equipment and wires in my home office. Getting Started The first step is getting the right equipment for the job. »

How to create the perfect home office - Part 2 - The equipment and software

After you get your furniture right, the next step is setting up all your equipment. For me, my desk revolves around three computers. My desktop which is really just there in case I get the urge to game. My Mac for pretty much everything non-work related. And my work laptop. The Hardware There are only two things that matter to me with hardware. Number of wires and awesomeness. I am not going to go into too much depth regarding my hardware decisions, just a couple of pointers that helped make my home office sweet. »

How to create the perfect home office - Part 1 - The desk and furniture

The furniture in an office is the second most important aspect of the office next to the computer. Your furniture defines the look and function of your office. If simplicity is your goal, you need furniture that has clean lines and plenty of unobtrusive storage. If multi-tasking is your goal, you need a desk with lots of surface area and room. Don’t take your desk decision lightly. My last desk lasted 10 years. »

How to create the perfect home office - The Series

Ever since I purchased my house a year ago, I have been trying to create the perfect office. After lots of thinking, a little bit of work, and a few trips to Ikea, I have finished my journey (for now). I wanted to write a few short posts that take you through the creation of the office. My goals for the office were pretty simple. Support lots of equipment (I use 3 computers in a given day) No wires Fung sei (my translation means clean and simple) Over the next few weeks, I will post on how I got there. »