A better web framework - Part 1

As I have mentioned before, design patterns are one of my favorite areas of computer science. Well, design patterns have a close association with web frameworks, so web frameworks are definitely another favorite area of mine. They both help speed up the development process by providing a structure for applications. Since Ruby on Rails took off a couple years ago, other web frameworks have sprung up in many other languages. None of these have met my needs at Webmail.us. »

Using overflow:hidden in tables

Until today, I never used the CSS properties overflow: hidden and white-space: nowrap on table cells. I always thought it was useless, since it never seemed to work for me. As a disclaimer, I am not a CSS guru. In fact, CSS is probably where I am least knowledgable in web development. Fortunately, I ran across the table-layout: fixed property on the W3 website. This changes the table algorithm to just take into account the table cell width. »

Brian Hartsock on #CSS,