Book Review: Winners Never Cheat

Before picking up this book, I had never heard of Jon Huntsman (or his son Governor Jon Jr.). Unbeknownst to me, many well known plastic products are produced by his company. However, his book doesn’t really focus on his business conquests. Instead, it focuses on one man’s value system and how he applies those values in the business world. This book isn’t necessarily anything new. Most of the guidance is common knowledge, the author even says so himself. »

Amazon knows me too well - Go Stu

Amazon just recommended Hadoop: The Definitive Guide to me. My coworker Stu and his use of Hadoop is featured as a case study in the book. How does Amazon know me this well? »

Book Review: Refactoring to Patterns

Refactoring to Patterns provides some of the glue that Design Patterns (GoF) and Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (PoEAA is missing. The concept of the book is very simple: to provide examples of how to use design patterns to refactor code. A side product of this is the reader should really have an understanding of the two books previously mentioned before reading this book. If GoF and PoEAA is the bible, then Refactoring to Patterns is the Sunday school teacher. »