Review: Harmony One Remote

The Harmony One is easily the best buy of the past 6 months for me (even though someone bought it for me). For anyone with more than 1 home theater device, get this remote. Since I bought this remote, I have lost all my other remotes, and it is a good thing.

It is a universal remote that focuses more on user actions that devices and inputs. For example, you can create a Watch TV action that turns on the TV, Receiver, and cable box together, and sets everything to the right input. Very simple and easy to use.

But enough of my gushing over the device…let’s get objective/subjective.

Why is it sweet?

On the instructions, it warns you that setup will probably take about 30 minutes of the remote. It was exactly 30 minutes for me to get everything working. After this configuration, I haven’t had to update anything in 3 months.

I like it because it just works. I press Watch TV or Watch DVD and all my devices get turned on and set to the right inputs. But, what’s even better is the Help button, which tries to fix any problems, in case you accidentally pointed the remote at your toaster instead of your TV. I probably use the help button once a week, and every other time everything works perfectly anyways.

And don’t let me forget, it has a beautiful design. From the body to the touch screen, its sweet (for some reason I felt dirty saying that).

But these are all tangent to the real reason this remote is amazing. My girlfriend doesn’t call me asking how to watch a DVD on the XBOX anymore. You don’t have to play the role of tech support for your home theater.

Any bad thoughts?

None. My only word of warning would be this remote is for making things work, not adjusting the rotary girder of your Killer Audio Receiver 3000. Very detailed settings like independent speaker volumes and such may be hidden in menus or non-existent.