Tech Talk: Building Killer Web Apps

Our final tech talk for 2011 is quickly approaching. Dave King, a software engineer at Rackspace, will be speaking on Building Killer WebApps. He has been working most recently on building Rackspace’s next generation control panel as well as improving the existing cloud control panel. In this talk, he will be sharing some of his experiences as well as best practices in the industry.

Why is this an important topic? Web applications are omnipresent in how we interact with the world. In contrast to native applications (which run on one device), web applications run on multiple devices, allowing consumers to access their data from anywhere. For this presentation, will talk about the techniques that Rackspace uses to build web applications that support customers in managing 2.5 million paid mailboxes and over 110,000 Cloud customers.

  • When: Dec 6th @ 6pm
  • Where: Rackspace Blacksburg Office inside the University Mall next to Sushi Factory
  • Will have pizza and drinks