A note from my summer intern

I received an email a couple days ago from one of my summer interns that recently returned to school.

Hey everyone had first day of classes today thought you guys would find the syllabus to one of my classes hilarious. Goals: Learn HTML Learn JSPs Learn CSS Learn Struts Learn Ajax Learn Javascript and JMeter (don't actually know Anything about this one) Objective: To be able to work on and maintain a web-app running on Apache Tomcat First Project: Take a webapp that has only in-line styles and set up a CSS page that will make the site look the exact same. I feel like I Win this class. Thanks for everything I learned there! - John C

This intern spent the summer working on an HTML/JSPs/CSS/Struts/Ajax/Javascript web app, the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel. In a couple months, he was able to make significant improvements to our CSS and image sprites, not to mention other enhancements and bug fixes. Rackspace gets a ton of great code out of our interns, while the interns get to work on real products, get paid, and then get easy A’s.

Pretty sweet deal.