My Home Mac Setup

Ok, here is a list of software I have installed. It is a pretty good list for only a few days with the machine. Note this is for home, not for work. Otherwise the list would be way different.

  • Eclipse - Android and Java tinkering

  • Firefox - To test, not to use.

  • Chrome - Best browser out there, I promise!

  • JungleDisk Desktop - Backups and synchronization are a must for any computer.

  • Skype - To see people far away in real time.

  • Adium - To chat to people far away or across the room, while also being able to ignore them.

  • CoRD - I still need to get on Windows boxes.

  • Quicksilver - App launchers are my hidden productivity tools.

  • Growl - Makes Adium have cool sounds I guess.

  • TextMate - The most recommended Mac editor. Not sold yet, vim is the bomb.

  • Open Office - Because it is free, and good enough (maybe?)

  • Tweetie - My new favorite twitter client. Warning, not for twitteraholics, but for casual users like myself.

  • Git - Git is a MUST if you develop software. Even if your team uses SVN, you can still use git and should!

  • MySQL - You always need a database on hand.

  • RVM - Nifty way to manage multiple Ruby versions.

  • Virtual Box - Because you still might need to run a little Windows stuff here and there.

  • CyberDuck - Move files all over the place.

  • Windows 7 on Bootcamp - Just in case :)