I'm a Mac user

I have officially switched my personal computer to a Mac (MacBook Pro to be specific). I’m sure some of you might be wondering, why did I switch to a Mac? Most of my blog is on .NET and Powershell related topics, which aren’t so prevalent on a Mac. Well, here are a few of the main reasons.

  • Promoters - Mac owners are promoters. When I asked the Twitterverse what I should do, all but one response was “Get a Mac!”. Maybe I am hopping on the bandwagon, but people love Macs for a reason.

  • I missed my Linux roots. If you go back far enough in my blog, you will see I used to be a PHP developer whose work, home, and school computers were running Ubuntu.

  • Windows - I can still run Windows on a VM and on Bootcamp.

So far, I am pretty darn happy with the Mac. There are some oddities, but overall it is a crisp, clean machine.

Now, enjoy the beauty that is my mac! (Ignore the Logitech nano dongle. I need my ergonomic mouse so give me a break)