Get file extension information with Powershell

I wanted to get a list of different file extensions in a project I was looking at so I knew the makeup of the code and technology. Pretty cool little command.

gci -recurse | select -expand extension | group | sort count -Descending

Which returned the following.

Count Name                      Group                                          
----- ----                      -----                                          
  667 .asp                      {.asp, .asp, .asp, .asp...}                    
  530 .gif                      {.gif, .gif, .gif, .gif...}                    
  345                           {, , , ...}                                    
  264 .js                       {.js, .js, .js, .js...}                        
   47 .txt                      {.txt, .txt, .txt, .txt...}                    
   46 .htm                      {.htm, .htm, .htm, .htm...}                    
   45 .ai                       {.ai, .ai, .ai, .ai...}                        
   42 .css                      {.css, .css, .css, .css...}                    
   31 .pdf                      {.pdf, .pdf, .pdf, .pdf...}                    
   21 .doc                      {.doc, .doc, .doc, .doc...}                    
   16 .xml                      {.xml, .xml, .xml, .xml...}                    
   16 .xsl                      {.xsl, .xsl, .xsl, .xsl...}                    
   15 .jpg                      {.jpg, .jpg, .jpg, .jpg...}                    
   14 .png                      {.png, .png, .png, .png...}                    
   11 .html                     {.html, .html, .html, .html...}                
    9 .psd                      {.psd, .psd, .psd, .psd...}                    
    8 .wsml                     {.wsml, .wsml, .wsml, .wsml...}                
    5 .bak                      {.bak, .bak, .bak, .bak...}                    
    4 .WSDL                     {.WSDL, .WSDL, .WSDL, .WSDL}                   
    3 .bat                      {.bat, .bat, .bat}                             
    3 .WGen                     {.WGen, .WGen, .WGen}                          
    2 .harbinger                {.harbinger, .harbinger}                       
    2 .aspWORKING               {.aspWORKING, .aspWORKING}                     
    2 .concord                  {.concord, .concord}                           
    1 .aspUPLOAD                {.aspUPLOAD}                                   
    1 .ini                      {.ini}                                         
    1 .mdb                      {.mdb}                                         
    1 .tmp                      {.tmp}                                         
    1 .LOG                      {.LOG}                                         
    1 .asa                      {.asa}                                         
    1 .xls                      {.xls}                                         
    1 .xml~                     {.xml~}