Database integration testing, Interested?

Testing database queries is super important, but not easy enough. It can be done, but usually you have to write custom test fixtures and spend too much time doing it. Every project needs to test database integration, so why isn’t there a library out there to make it easier? NDbUnit seems somewhat dead, and only works on a specific set of database providers. Even worse, it relies on a ton of XML setup, which I hate.

So I decided to play around with creating an NUnit addin that makes this a lot easier. Does the following code interest anyone?

[MySqlDbTestFixture("Data Source=localhost;User ID=root;"), 
public class SomeTestFixture
    public void SomethingWorksWithBadCompanyData(IDbConnection conn)

I have most of it working, and want to see if there are any developers that might think of using it. Am I on the right track? Any thoughts or ideas for improvement?

(I told you I would have some code in a post this week)