Using Snagit to create rich posts

“A picture is worth 1000 words”

Most blogs that I read integrate media, specifically pictures, into their posts. A video can be avoided. Text can be skimmed. But pictures can’t be overlooked. Good pictures draw you into an article, or website, and add to the story the author is trying to tell you.

Last week, I posted a setup guide for NHaml with nearly 25 screen shots. Surprisingly, I was able to grab all the screenshots, cropped and everything, in about 15 minutes. Using the old school method of Print-Screen + Paint would have taken at least twice as long, and looked half as good.

postscreenshotPaying money for a screenshot utility seems ridiculous, but after playing around with it for a few days, I had to buy Snagit. I only used about 1% of its features, and that 1% is good enough to warrant spending the money. If you want to create media rich blog posts, I would highly recommend it. Even though the example is a little ridiculous, it shows how effortless creating great looking graphics with Snagit.