Google Wave confusion

The confusion over what Google Wave is/does is downright funny. A couple days ago, I failed miserably at describing it (mainly because I don’t really get it either). Then this evening I was reading Wired online and read this product description.

Oversize bags are where small belongings go to die. With this handsome, well-built backpack, you’ll never have to fumble for your keys or earbuds again. It’s simple and compact and has plenty of pockets to keep everything handy — five on the outside alone. Use the extra time for something practical, like figuring out what Google Wave does.

At least I know I am not alone.

4 thoughts on “Google Wave confusion

  1. I remember when it first came out and a few of us were talking about what the coolest feature was. No one said the same thing.

    With that said, I still thinking merging IM + email is pretty cool.

  2. I have no doubt about the technology, I just think it needs a better package/product. The application of the technology seems to be lacking, but is definitely something that others will build on.

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